Friday, January 15, 2016

More Decluttering in the kitchen

The challenges from the 365 group were as follows for the week:

Sunday - declutter lightbulbs and batteries
Tuesday - kitchen junk drawer 
Wednesday - kitchen wraps and bags (foil,ziplocks,etc) 
Thursday  - food storage containers 
Friday - under the kitchen sink 
Saturday - pots pans and lids

Since I was home-bound yesterday I slowly did all the challenges for the whole week, except purging dishes, that's a process.  It took about nine hours, but in the end another black trash bag of junk to the curb.  Stuff not even worthy of donation.  Some of the spatulas and spoons I've had since I got married, the first time.  YIKES.  1987 country blue and full of bad memories, why have I held onto that shit?

Since Amy and I are doing the baking thing, I got my baking cabinet in order.  Chalkboard contact paper, some command hooks and my $1-shop bargain cups and spoons have a home. 

Under the sink had become the "quick hide, someone's coming" spot

I'm in high hopes that the wire baskets will make it easier
to contain, stay neat, and remind me that less is more. 

Next Week:

1-17: kitchen cabinet shelves
1-18: Read Week #3 Pantry
1-19: baking sheets and dishes
1-20: canned goods/foods
1-21: spices
1-22: pantry or cupboard shelves
1-23: fill out pantry inventory
1-24: water bottles and plastic cups

I also did all of these missions yesterday, except purge dishes and make a pantry list.  My pantry is 3 shelves....I'm good there, and the dishes is still in the design phases of thought.

#1 I have a place setting for 12 of white corelle dishes, except for a couple of missing bowls.  Do I really need that much?  Will I ever again need that much?  In my dream life I have huge family dinners and yes I need a dozen.  But on a daily basis, no.  

#2 Would I be willing to let all those dishes go and purchase one setting for four of The Pioneer Woman's new dishes that I LOVE LOVE LOVE?  

Maybe, I'll have to see. 

Last week in January:

1-25: Read Week #4 Refrigerator & Freezer
1-26: Purge fridge
1-27: Deep clean fridge
1-28: front and top of refrigerator
1-29: purge freezer
1-30: fill out freezer inventory
1-31: tops of kitchen cabinets

I still need to clean the tops of my kitchen cabinets, and make a freezer inventory.  I'm thinking about a bit more chalkboard inside one of the cabinet doors to keep a running list...or maybe repurpose a small white write on/wipe off that I have for that purpose?  I gave the fridge a deep deep clean on New Year's Eve Eve to make room for all the good luck now if I just maintain I should be good. 

Monday 1-18-2016 Update*
All the January Challenges are done.  Tonight I need to do a huge Trash Boogie and get it all outside and out of the house.  I have 4 bags of recycling cans/bottles to take, I'll have to do that one at a time over the next week or so.  Trash pickup is Thursday AM, so Wednesday night I can drag all that to the curb and tag it.  

If I pay $20 a month on my water bill for trash pickup, why do I have to put a $3 tag on the bag before they will pick it up?

Anyway... I'm going to be moving ahead to February's challenges later this week.  Better strike while the iron is hot. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Becoming a baker?

How do we feel about this?

After watching the British Bake-off show I'm realizing
just how limited my baking skills are...I baked a lot as a teenager
I suppose because it's fun to make sweets but now it 
just seems like so much work and my results are not so great most times.

So maybe along with all the other crappe' I'm piling on in 2016 I should try learning to bake a little better?  Maybe, the first weekend of every month try something new?

The January bake was this:

Let's ponder, shall  we?

Monday, January 11, 2016

1-10 thru 1-16-2016 Decluttering Challenge

So I looked at the Decluttering Challenge's calendar, I'm ahead of some things this month and missing one from last week....

I could blow smoke up your skirt and say I'm going to catch up tonight but the truth is it's Monday and that's a sucky day for me, and I do better when I write it into my schedule to just go to bed with the puppies about 7:00 on Monday evenings.  Watch a little BBC and try to stay warm.  

Windchill today?  -29*


Before - and the holiday drink station has become
a raging hot-spot

So Saturday I ended up like this: a crock pot of 
Martha Stewart Beef Stew in the slow-cooker...


A little too much time on my hands late at
night Friday night:

Because Dollar General had these cool clear bins for $4
and I'm tired of throwing away spoiled food because
it got lost in the frige
and's cool looking.

So then I did this:

because I'm trying to learn to do gel manicures at home...and 
after doing dishes all weekend, my fingertips were bleeding

In other news....look what came....pretty fitbit bands!